Elka Boren is the real thing: a truly gifted healer full of love and compassion. She has an energy that can touch you deeply and move you to the places you wish to go and out of the places that wish to leave. Most importantly she helps you to see what it is that holds you back and then lends a hand to pull you up into your higher self. I am grateful to have experienced her kindness and generosity and my life has more love, peace and creativity since I began working with her.          Sincerely ~ Actor, Michael Imperioli - New York

Elka is absolutely amazing. From the very first time you lie on the healing table, it is clear that her extraordinary gift is affecting you energetically in a big way. By the second and third session, I began to feel the clearing effects of her work on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have now been seeing Elka once a month, sometimes twice, for almost a year. She has been able to facilitate some very radical changes for me as my process unfolds. The heavy, burdensome energy that she removes session after session has freed me up and transformed me in unexplainable ways. Many physical symptoms have come and gone – including sciatica and the effects of stray electrical voltage to which I was exposed. Along the way, she has helped me to clear some very deep-seated childhood patterns. As a direct result of Elka’s work, I’ve become much more confident and effective in my daily life. She got me through a very intense experience at home; I have come out the other side feeling so much lighter, energetic and powerful. I am absolutely sure that without Elka I would never have been able to successfully resolve this experience in such a positive way.  Her kindness, compassion and loving, non-judgmental approach became more and more transparent as I gradually came to know her. I trust her healing ability implicitly, so much so that I can leave it all up to her as I walk through her door.  I strongly recommend Elka to everyone, but do be patient if the results are not apparent immediately.  ~ PS - NYC

I just want to thank you for the incredible healing session I had with you in March at your office in Stuart. My body went through a major purging as well as my mind. I felt God's love in a major way. I look forward to our next session when your in town again. Please take care of yourself and again thank you so much. You are indeed a God send.      ~ Love and Blessings ~ AE

When I first saw Elka, I felt a tremendous release of pain and emotion from my body without having to do a lot of conscious work on my issues. I was also able to stop taking my arthritis medicine for the 3 months since my prior visit with Elka and have been pain free since. Her sessions are wonderful for the mind, body and soul. I also had my four children visit Elka.  ~ CRH, CPE, Certified Parenting Educator, New Orleans, LA

Elka has the gift of releasing and making deep and old emotions like anger, grief, and sadness vanish. I felt immediate trust and care with her sessions, as well as great appreciation for her work. These sessions allowed me to live with greater happiness and freedom, and be a better and more compassionate human being.  ~ PA, Upstate NY

Elka was like a hurricane, like a strong wind, and she amazed me with her power, honesty & down-to-earth state of being. She immediately recognized and got into the major and most painful contraction that has affected my daily experience most of my life! Her healing work was fierce yet full of gentleness and care in each moment for my well being. Her integrity and power cut like a sharp yet kind knife into the core of the matter, and her loving heart was caressing my soul while she was at that. I felt that I was parting from an old and known part of myself from which I no longer benefit.  ~ AD, Israel

Seeing Elka, I don’t feel overwhelmed by the small things in life. I think everyone would benefit from being unblocked – definitely. The free feeling from this work is amazing.  ~ LB, New Orleans, LA

I’ve had several sessions with Elka – all different. After the first 3 sessions, many spiritual, synchronistic events occurred in my life. My life has changed in many ways since then. It’s improved my connection with God, my purpose in this lifetime, and deepened my awareness of myself as a spiritual being. There are not enough healers with her gifts. I would absolutely recommend her work to others. People in our society desperately need her gifts.  ~ MC M.D., New Orleans, LA

My life has totally changed for the better! I have an inner peace that I have not experienced since the age of 8. My friends and family have noticed a major change in my outlook or life for the better.   ~ MR, Atlanta, GA

When Elka met me, she was immediately ready to scold and defend me at the same time. I had an instantaneous feeling of trust about her from the second I stepped into her space. Her approach to me was not tentative in the least. I was actually quite relieved that we would be dispensing with any insincerity that sometimes poses as social niceties. Elka went directly for the issue that was uppermost for me without my having said a single word. This is something for which anyone going to see Elka should be prepared. She was like a mother (as in mother tiger!) about my condition. Elka exhibited a deep concern that was constructive and caring, but also had the elements of a confrontation; a confrontation not with the real me but rather with the bulky grey mass of self-doubt I have carried with me all my life.  ~ MB, Buffalo, NY

My Elka session brought up emotions that I had been unable to see – deep anger for my father that I thought was already gone. Also, I felt pain in my body that came on with these emotions. But the pain went as I released the old soulful wounds. Following each session, I felt true peace within. It has given me more clarity in my beliefs about myself and power to my inner authority. Her work seems to erase emotional knots within and give more meaning to my life’s purpose every day  ~ CE -Atlanta, GA

Elka healed my sister who was not able to conceive. She now has 2 incredible children and is living a very happy life. I am forever grateful to you for helping her release the trauma she had as a sexual abuse victim.  ~ KP – Florida

The first time I worked with Elka, she spoke with me about my family relationships. She asked me to look at the impact of my parents’ behavior on my older siblings, particularly my sister. I was resistant, but in the days that followed my session, I realized that I was carrying around a small child's understanding of reality – that my siblings caused my parents’ pain. As an adult I realize the flaw here, for we cannot cause another pain; we can only be a catalyst. The wall that I had erected no longer had any foundation. I called my sister. We connected and I went to her daughter's wedding a few weeks later.  Since the 2nd session, my paintings have taken on new expression. Through dreams and meditations, images have come to me that I am compelled to paint. These paintings are so alive and filled with energy. This is so exciting to me.  I find that each session with Elka is like some kind of a new beginning. I experience a deepening after such powerful work, with the gifts that all the great beings bring in the healing session. For me she has been a vehicle for transformation and a light.  ~ JK – Oakland, California

During my first session with Elka, I was not sure what to expect. Even after the session, I can’t explain what happened. The experience that stands out is the feeling that I had a drain in my lower back and I could feel negative energy and emotions swirling out. The major change that happened between my first and second session is that my heart opened up to loving another person and letting them love me. Although I can’t explain what happened with this work, my life has started shifting.  ~ JS – Atlanta, Georgia

I didn’t know what to expect from the meeting with Elka. She asked me to lie down and relax. Elka directed a few key questions to me and proceeded to guide her energies to connect with mine. Many feelings started to surface; relief with acknowledgement, sadness and tears of pain, comfort from her compassion. It was a true wholistic experience…along with a tremendous burden lifted from my spirit. I felt so much lighter. I came away with renewed energy! I left the session with a sense of well-being and hope.  I would absolutely recommend Elka to others! Through Elka’s wisdom, she can explain why a person is going through a transition, and also why this is necessary. She offers guidance and tools for advancement in spiritual growth. She is aware of one’s needs that help with the need of validation.  ~ J – Atlanta, Georgia

In my session, I had a very intense release of physical and emotional pain – I broke down and wept openly over my deceased mother. Now my life has totally changed for the better! I have an inner peace that I have not experienced since the age of 8. My friends and family have noticed a major change in my outlook on life.  I have recommended these sessions to several people. It is a wonderful gift that was given to me by a friend. It has shown me the meaning of selfless love.  ~ MR – Atlanta, Georgia

My experiences with Elka’s healing have been amazing. I’ve worked with many energy workers in the past and none have moved energy as she has. For eight days after my first treatment, I went through a lot and my body shifted tremendously. Now I’ve had 5 sessions and I feel she has moved out a lot of negative past energies. I'm very grateful to Elka for her work and have recommended her to many of my clients.  ~ JB – Miami

Ever since I began my healing process, I've been more at peace and accepting of myself. This has been a great boon! By following Elka's recommendations, I’ve let go of stuff that's been keeping me small. I'm thankful to have worked with her and plan to continue seeing her and recommending her to friends and family.  ~ FC

The healings that I have received from Elka have been powerfully life transforming, and have informed my process of growth afterwards. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ill, stuck or in transition. Elka works on subtle levels, in other dimensions, and sometimes the session can feel very peaceful, dreamy; other times it may be pointed, fierce. The healing work happens on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  My husband and I have been to many, many healers over the years and Elka is in a class of her own. We have both felt tremendous physical and emotional healing from our sessions with her.   ~ CF – Palo Alto, California

Elka does not beat around the bush, she will work with you to help you overcome obstacles and heal on more levels that you can imagine. Her method is sometimes a little blunt, but she does so by the guidance of her spirit. If you can look past your ego, you will quickly realize that it always helps.  I went to see Elka with a strong blockage that caused a situation in my life that is now so much better. Aside from the main issue that drew me, she helped me easily overcome some minor health concerns and got to the core of my weight issue. She has helped me far beyond anything I expected in such a short time. I would recommend  Elka’s work to anyone who is truly serious about moving past and healing blockages for good. Her unconventional ways and genuine compassion will help you get to the true underlying cause to anything that you are ready to heal. Her empowering healing gives you the tools you need to move past the issue with ease and joy.  ~ AK - Miami, FL

I met Elka in Dec of 1999 when I was at the end of my rope. I desperately needed some emotional help. I am now forty-two years old. When I was under twenty, I was violently sexually abused…the worst hours of my life. The perpetrator was later incarcerated.  Still I lived in a prison of my own making for many long years. Every day was a battle to keep the traumatic memories and feelings mashed down inside of me so I could appear to function as a “normal” girl. I even married my first boyfriend and for eleven years we tried to conceive a child without results. We tried every infertility drug and treatment available – and nothing worked. From the early trauma, I had to quit my job because I couldn’t leave the house without having panic attacks. Finally I asked God to take over. My husband suggested that I visit some family to think about what to do next. I had been there for three months and it was time for me to go home.  Two weeks before I left, I met Elka. My life had hit that pivotal moment when everything changes. The first session I had with her, I felt so comfortable. She saw my trauma and knew that I needed serious help. We uncovered a lot that day and I returned the following week for more healing.  As she worked on me, I could feel and see all of the early memories leave my body. I cried as the pain flowed out of me. Immediately following, a complete sense of overwhelming peace surrounded me and I knew that I would be okay.  I returned home and sold our home so we could move to another town and start a new life. I returned to see Elka in July of 2001 for another session. Prior to this session, she said that I would have two children; she told me this again in 2001. In August 2001, we conceived our first child – an amazing little boy with a magnificent spirit. The second soon followed, a beautiful baby girl, an equally amazing being. I know that Elka’s healing gifts released the scarred memories from my body that day and helped me to conceive our children. For this I am eternally grateful.  ~ NH

During Elka’s stay the many powerful healings I had have made a huge difference in my life. I have reconciled with my brother after 12 years of bad feelings. That's huge!  ~ PW

I think the session was really significant. I kept seeing all kinds of images that seemed like past life impressions while Elka was working on me. I saw lots of faces. At one point, I think, I was also feeling my client's energies and some worldly energy moving through. I think I had absorbed some stuff from others. Anyway, Elka kept leaving the room like she was dumping negative stuff. I don't know if that is true because she did not tell me much. The main thing is that I felt lots of change. I really appreciate her abilities.

--woman client, St Augustine, FL

I consider myself lucky to have met Elka and to have worked with her; she has given me guidance and teaching during my sessions. What a wonderful teacher she is! During one healing session, I received past life messages, as well as current messages and lessons that have helped me a great deal in my life. She is a powerful energy healer. Truly, I feel blessed to have met Elka and fortunate that she is teaching me ways to raise my own energy vibrations. My wish is that more people will get to experience the amazing healing gifts Elka has.

Joann         June 2013

I first met Elka about 20 years ago and have worked with her periodically ever since. Elka is an incredibly gifted and thoughtful soul. I've truly never met anyone like her.

Most recently Elka has been helping my husband manifest a job. He was out of work for two years and it seemed every opportunity never came to fruition. We were both getting really discouraged. That's when I remembered to ask Elka for help. She began doing energy healings on me and my husband remotely, and after the very first, one he got a call about a job. Over the next couple of months, she kept us in her prayers, put my husband in her energy grid and gave advice about how to overcome the blocks. She told us that the only thing keeping him from getting a job was himself and that he had the control to change his energy and manifest a job for himself. We continued to meditate, think positive and and most importantly, he started doing things for other people outside of the house which helped change his energy, and last week he got the job. Elka has helped me on numerous other occasions as well.

Suffice it to say that Elka is not only the most spiritual being I have ever met with an incredible ability to tap into universal energy, she's also one of the nicest most giving people I've ever known. I'm grateful to have her in my life.

I highly recommend going to Elka for energy healing. She is universal love embodied.

Jenny M.