It is with tears in my eyes and great joy in my heart that I thank Elka for the gift she has given me. I now understand that there is no need to get caught up in the dramas…we are members of The Family of Light and we must live our light!  Her style of teaching and the energy she directs in the Rising Star Minjushri Initiation is awesome…words cannot describe the energy within me….I am buzzing! The birds and animals that visit my garden were the first to recognize this change in me; they now welcome my presence by coming closer to me!  ~ CVC – Miami, FL

 What a wonderful experience it was for me to take the Rising Star Practitioner Training with Elka. It was an unique day! I've felt noticeable differences and awakenings the past 21 days. Life feels clearer and perceptions are heightened. Anyway, with all seemingly tumbling down around friends of mine who are in financial straits, I started linking them with what was given to me at the Rising Star workshop....and their spirits have lifted. For me this is monumental. With their different perception, their focus will now be of a higher vibration and will attract to them what they are newly feeling. Elka's wonderful energy, her channeling the Ascended Masters, and all else she imparts is very far reaching. She's beyond special!  ~ TG

I have been working with Elka Boren and the Rising Star practice for two years and my life has changed for the better in so many ways: mentally, physically, emotionally and most of all spiritually. My family has benefitted greatly from the changes that have occurred within me.  I am eternally grateful.  ~ MI

The Rising Star Practitioner Training was absolutely fabulous. It was so much more than I anticipated. As a retired massage therapist and having studied polarity and other modalities of healing, Rising Star is what I have been searching for.  Thank you for bringing it to our part of the country. It was unbelievable all the energy I felt during the initiation. Many questions were asked and many were answered by the "Masters". If I can raise the energy and hold the light on this planet, then I know I have fulfilled my calling.  All of us that were part of the initiation will always have deep gratitude for being part of something so vital. Elka is a fantastic teacher, a gentle spirit and someone I was blessed to meet. Her presence in our community was felt by many.  ~ PW

 I met Elka once and was immediately impressed by her directness, clear consciousness, channeling and healing abilities. Since then I have spent time with her in Ireland at Derek O'Neill's More Truth Will Set You Free Workshop and in a recent Rising Star Practitioner Training Group, where she was the teacher. She is a profound healer who is deeply connected to master guides and angels. In teaching groups of people, she holds great amounts of energy open for the group, and facilitates true growth. I highly recommend her for one-on-one healing sessions as well as group facilitations.  ~ G - Manhattan